Monday, October 27, 2014

Realizing in this season of my life, the Lord hasn't opened the door for me to run a handmade biz.

For the past two years I have pour countless energy and sleepless nights into growing a business that has still yet to blossom. I've prayed many times if this isn't what the Lord wants in my life that he would take the desire to run a handmade biz out of my heart, but if this was in his will for me, to encourage me to keep going. I have prayed that prayer many times and still have such a strong desire to create beautiful pieces, but I also feel the Lord pulling me back as for 2 years I struggled with making sales.

After seeking wisdom and guidance from some very influential and godly women in my life, they told me exactly what I needed to hear. Funny thing is they have told me this countless times but do to my stubbornness I kept going because I was afraid to let go of my handwork and dream of running a handmade biz. They encouraged me that the Lord wouldn't just take away my desire to crochet and create beautiful pieces because he gave me a gift for that, but maybe this just isn't my season. It didn't really open my eyes until I looked at another scenario. 

One of our great friends has been praying for years about wanting another child and has such a strong desire, but her husband doesn't have the same desire. She to asks the Lord if it's in his will to change her husbands heart and if it's not in his will to change her heart. I realized the Lord doesn't always give a straight answer. He wants us to come to him in prayer continually, whether that's a week, month or years of prayer. He wants us to look to him and not act on our own fleshly desires because he hasn't answered yet. His will is far better for us then our own worldly desires. 

I have cried countless times so confused about this desire the Lord gave me, but I'm coming to realize that I have been so selfish. Not only to God but to my family. I have put my desire to grow a handmade biz before my husband and daughter all because "This is what I want." No wonder the Lord has not opened the doors for me.

Also having another one on the way and thinking back to Laila being so little and getting frustrated that she would wake up in the night during what I thought was "My time" shows how selfish I really was being. My first ministry should always be my family and home. It's been so hard for me to realize this and letting go of something I have work so hard for hurts, but I'm also so very grateful to realize that my family needs me and I need to put them first. God has blessed me with such an amazing family, why wouldn't I want to pour all I am into them?! 

Laila's Charming Pieces will be at a stand still until I feel the Lord has opened the doors. I will leave the shop open until December 1 to sell what I have made and will be participating in Penelope Lane Boutique November 22. But I will no longer pour my energy into creating new pieces for the shop and marketing. LCP will become the crazy life of a wife, soon to be mommy of two and projects I create for our home, family and friends. I may do occasional Insta-sales on pieces I make in between naps, but my attitude towards growing a shop will be shifted towards growing my family.

I'm excited to get away from the overwhelming energy poured into marketing a handmade biz and enjoy what God has already given me. I wont be giving up crochet of course so you can still look forward to projects like baby blankets, scarfs and headbands I create for family/friends and will plan to do small holiday boutiques and craft fairs around Christmas, just for fun. 

Have you learned that the Lord closed or never open the door for an opportunity you were really perusing? How did you respond?

I'd really love to hear your story!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Baby shower for baby Easton!

Oct 4, 2014 friends and family came over to celebrate little man on the way. A dirt bike decor filled my house along with sweet laughs. Chad took Laila and aloud me and other mommies to enjoy a little time together snacking and playing games. My sweet mom and mother in law put things together and provided a great day. My mom also crochet little man the cutest and comfy baby blanket and my mother in laws sister made a soft quilt. We received lots of clothes, which was a blessing sense we have all things pink.

My sweet friend BreAnna and her family recently moved out of state and we were sad she wasn't able to attend, but she sent the sweetest box of goodies not only for baby Easton but for mama and Laila too! Laila and I both got some comfy slippers and Easton got more outfits then I could have ever imagined. We also received our first pair of baby moc's and now this mama is wanting a pair for Laila! Thank you to all my beautiful friends and family for your love and sweet gifts. Baby Easton is surrounded with L O V E and I can't wait for everyone to meet this active little man.

Have you attended any baby showers lately?
What are some of your favorite items to gift?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Family Tradition, Riley's Farm!

This was our second trip to Riley's Farm and we have established it as a family tradition! I just love the environment in Oak Glen Apple Orchards. Its so peaceful and beautiful, with all the apples, pumpkins, fall leafs, flowers, trails and more. We got up super early met up with my husbands brother, along with his wife and son to get a head start on the crowds and heat. Although getting up early on a Saturday didn't sound like fun we were all glad we did!! We were able to walk around the trails, pet sheep, goats and cows, watch deer pass through the hills, pick apple trees, wild flowers and pumpkins, shop and wait in a 45 min bathroom line and left about 11:30! The crowds, bathroom lines, parking lots and roads were becoming PACKED! Here are just a few photo's from this beautiful trip Memories like these last a lifetime!

What are some of your favorite family traditions?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Friendships and Mustaches!

A couple weeks ago the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to reach out and talk to an unfamiliar face in our church toddler class, line. I learned it was her first time attending our church and immediately welcomed her and gave her my number if she needed a friend to pray with. Little did I know that was God's divine appointment for two young mommies to not only meet and encourage one another but to become friends! After multiple texts and coffee dates a wonderful friendship has grown that I am very thankful for.

A great friendship isn't complete without mustaches photos, right? I seem to have a funny tradition about taking mustaches photos with friends and family. As I;m writing, I'm realizing there are some great friends I don't have these memories with. Like Kayla from LoveSparklePretty! We have had countless coffee dates and photos but non with staches. 

What are some of your favorite memories with friends?
What silly traditions do you have?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Life As A Mommy...

As a women we have taken on many roles and job titles... Wife, mom, friend, sister, auntie, cook, cleaner, laundry mate, home maker, PTA mom, church volunteer, party planner, car pool mom, advise giver and I think you get the point! The list goes on forever. God did a great job at creating women and He gave us just the right amount of sanity to take care of all the tasks life throws at us.

Most recently, my greatest job title or should I say most interesting job has been "Mommy!" My toddler, Laila has quite the energy and mischievous behavior lately. Last year about this time I was meeting up with some encouraging sisters for a weekly study. One day as the kids were in the back room playing and us mommies discussed our latest chapter, we heard a loud "BANG!" Each mommy got up as quick as we could to find my daughter had climbed the dresser drawers trying to reach the top shelf of shoes. Which resulted in the dresser falling on her and another sweet toddler. We also discovered my daughter and a few of the other littles found nail polish! They not only painted there nails and toe nails, but split the polish on white carpet!

Just recently we started up another weekly study. Last week my daughter found more nail polish and painted her toes completely purple! {At least she did it outside this time!} Her and another toddler got into a nightstand and ate a pretty good amount of chocolate covered almonds. After shutting that bedroom door and talking with a mommy friend I realized our two little girls had become quiet AGAIN... This time they were in her friends, big sisters room eating her sour patch kids! That was my queue to load up and take my little lady home for a nap before she got into anything else.

Well just yesterday we met up for study again to go over our newest chapter. Unfortunately some moms had to miss which meant fewer littles running around. I thought "Today shouldn't be to hard to keep a good eye on Laila." Boy was I wrong! Half way through the study I realized I hadn't seen Laila and her friend walk by playing and they had gotten extremely quiet... I walked down the hallway to find a strong nail polish scent coming from the bathroom. As I opened the door I once again found my little lady and her friend painting nails, toes, dripping the polish on the rug and their clothes. UGH, I wanted to scream! My daughter doesn't do this at home why was she doing it in other peoples homes? A quick pick up of all the polish and off to time-out she was. I couldn't help but apologize a million times, I mean I felt so bad she kept finding the polish and making a mess.

Today was a new day and a day that has been spent at home in her own environment, were she knows what is and isn't acceptable to play with. But as any mommy knows our littles are great at surprising us with new messes or moments we say "No, No, No we don't do that!" And today was no exception... As we were eating lunch Laila left the table. I asked her what are you doing love, she replied pooping. I asked are you pooping on your potty {Knowing that she wasn't.} of course she answered no. I know she likes to poop in a diaper and always hides, but I didn't expect what came next! She came running to me with her diaper and poop in hand saying "I POOPED!" There's a mommy "WOW" moment! Eating lunch and your toddler comes running butt naked holding a diaper full of poop. When I tried to clean her up, she try's practicing her summer salts. Another "No, No, No we don't do that!" moment.

Being a mommy is never boring and lately the toddler stage has kept me on my toes more than a ballerina. There's never a dull moment with kids and yet I love everything about being a mom. I will admit I am slightly afraid of the transition from one to two but I know the Lord will be with me every step of the way helping me keep my sanity and moving forward. It's crazy how much the Lord uses our kids to teach us patience, love and forgiveness. These moments seem never ending and tiresome at times, but there moments I wouldn't change even if I could!
What are a few of your recent mommy adventures? 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

New scarf designs are available + Signup for monthly promotional codes + An important shop announcement!

 My new scarf designs have finally made there debut to the shop!!!
What are the new designs...? Cozy crochet hooded scarves with pockets!
These scarfs really do have it all! Just when you thought scarves were just a classic accessory to add to your wardrobe, I created a new design that not only will keep you warm through the cooler seasons but also incorporate several different versatility features that make them accessible and useful while on the go. Of course these designs will still keep their intricacy and flattering, cozy aesthetic to any wardrobe piece in your closet as well. Wear this scarf with the hood on and hands tucked in pockets, hood down, scarf wrapped around your neck, and so many more options available! Check out all the new pieces below that have been recently added to the shop!

 Octobers Newsletter went out yesterday with all the info on my new designs as well as an amazing promotional code for these Twisted bow ear warmers! Want to get promotional codes, new designs and all things new with LCP sent to your email? Just enter your email in the subscription box to your right!
Also many of my followers know that we are expecting baby #2, Easton Ryan Philpp at the end of December, and couldn't be more excited!
Due to the fact delivery is unexpecyed and we want to enjoy our time with Laila before a newborn enters the home, the shop will be on vacation December 1, 2014 - February 1, 2015. We hope you understand and are able to get a head start on your Christmas shopping with LCP.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New pieces + Photo Shoot + Bump Update + Upcoming Event

The last few weeks(more like months) have been super crazy in my home, to say the least. With a growing baby bump, toddler in "terrible two's," a hubs that was home a month and prepping for Penelope Lane Boutique

26 week bump!

This mama is in need of a mini vacation or a few quite hours to just think. Which is why I tried to get up a little earlier to read my devotional, make some coffee, waffles and create a blog; because we all know its been ages sense I have been on the blog! Sometimes with so much chaos you don't have time to think let alone write out a sentence. But with hubs back to work, a sleeping toddler and a few minutes maybe an hour to myself (Scratch that shes up! lol) I would like to update you on some fun new pieces making there debut to the Shop October. These pieces will also be up for grabs at Penelope Lane Boutique as well Sep 27 at The Grand Event Center.

Espresso Brown Braided Infinity Scarf 

 White Braided Infinity Scarf

 Vibrant Orange Chunky Cowl, Lace Scarf
(New Crochet Design)

Dusty Blue Chunky Cowl, Lace Scarf with Fringe
(New Crochet Design) 

Taupe(Milk Chocolate or Light Brown) Chunky Cowl, Lace Scarf
(Old Crochet Design)

Espresso Chunky Cowl, Lace Scarf with Fringe
(Old Crochet Design) 

Twisted Bow Ear Warmers 

 There will be LOTS of color options available at PLB and in the shop as well!

I have to give a BIG THANK YOU! To my dear friend Kayla of  Love Sparkle Pretty for playing photographer and taking all these marvelous photos of my pieces for Etsy.  Another BIG THANK YOU! to Crystal for her beautiful-ness modeling my pieces!