Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Things you probably shouldn't say to women

We all know there are just somethings women would not like to hear and men don't always think it through, they just say it. Throughout this week in my own home and shopping I heard men say these things to other women and thought to myself... You shouldn't have said that! Here is a short list.

* What did you do all day? So often we get asked this question as stay at home moms. Yes there are days we could do more around the house but taking care of our kids all day is exhausting and draining. As well as taking care of our husbands when there home. Oh and next time you think about asking this question take into count she probably spent the whole morning cleaning and afterwards playing with the kids is how the house got dirty again.

* Are we having company? My husband is guilty for this statement. As a crafter and stay at home mom I tend to surface clean. I clean the counters, vacuum, do the dishes and so on but when I start scrubbing the stove, detailing the kitchens and bathroom he will ask "Are we having company?" That's not a nice question to ask, because you make us feel like the only time we clean the house is if someone is coming over. That's not true about once a week you need to detail clean to make sure the house doesn't start to look like a disaster.

*Looks like the last dress you tried on. When shopping with my mom and sister I saw a women come out of the dressing room and ask a man... "What do you think about this dress?" He replied "Looks like the last dress you tried on." I turned to him and said "Your not suppose to say that." The women in the dressing room asking about the dress agreed and stated that the dress she had on looked nothing like the last one. Men you are supposed to find something about each dress and compliment it. If you are going to go shopping with your wife or girlfriend you have to be helpful.

* Are you going out like that? The other day I was curling my hair and half of it was pinned up so I could make sure to curl each piece. I walked out of my bathroom to the kitchen to talk to my husband and the first thing he said was... "Are you going out like that?" No of course I wasn't, I was walking out to tell him something but he assumed sense I walked out of my bathroom that I was done getting ready.

Could you think of something your man said to you that made you think... You shouldn't say that to a women.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Crochet DIY Bunting Banner Tutorial

Coming up in May my great friend Kayla from LoveSparklePretty and I will be attending Elevate which is an exciting blog conference. I decided to donate small summer bunting banners for the events swag. As I have been working extremely hard on the bunts I thought to myself... This would make a great tutorial to share with others!!! Not sure why I hadn't thought about doing a crochet tutorial before, I mean hello I have a blog and I love to crochet!{And so many others do to} This is my first crochet DIY tutorial. I have taken millions of pictures to help you along the way. {I'm pretty sure I over did it with the pictures, but I'll let you decide!} This pattern is simple but you will need to know the basics of crochet. If you want to work on this pattern and know nothing about crochet, try looking up a few beginner video's off YouTube. 

Crochet DIY Bunting Banner Tutorial

*Crochet Hook
*Tapestry Needle

Now lets begin crocheting bunts!!!
1.) Attach yarn to hook.
2.) Chain 15.
3.) Half double crochet into 3rd stitch from hook.
4.) Half double crochet each stitch across.
5.) Chain 2 and flip.
6.) SKIP first stitch, half double crochet in next stitch and each stitch across.
7.) You will be repeating the steps in rows 4 - 6 until you have no more stitches.
Here is a look at your last row.
Again repeat 4 - 6 
5.) Chain 2 and flip.
6.) SKIP first stitch, half double crochet in the last stitch.
8.) Chain 1.
9.) Single crochet around the half double crochet you just made.
10.) Single crochet in each chain 2 space and  half double crochet space, along the edge. Each corner needs an extra single crochet stitch to help form the corner.
11.) Repeat row 10 around the whole border of your bunt.{Be sure to crochet around the tail along the top edge, so you don't have to sew it in later.} Add an extra single crochet at the end of your bunt before slip stitching and tying off. 
12.) Tie off your yarn.
13.) With a tapestry needle sew in your lose end.
13.) OR insert your hook through the round opening at the bottom of your bunt. Cut off a few extra strands of yarn. Pull the yarn through the opening half way and then pull the lose ends through the loop, creating a tail or tassel.
After you have created multiple bunts and you are ready to attach them, continue the steps below.

Now lets attach our bunts!!!
For this step I used a smaller hook and yarn size but it is not required.
1.) Attach yarn to hook.
2.) Chain 15.
3.) Slip stitch in first chain, creating a circle.
4.) Chain 30
5.) Single crochet across the top of your bunt.
6.) Chain 30.
7.) Repeat rows 5 - 6.
8.) After you are done attaching all your bunts and you chain 30, chain an additional 15 and slip stitch into the 15 chain from your hook, creating your second loop to hang your bunting banner.

Yay, you just created a crochet bunting banner! I hope this tutorial was very useful in explaining every detail and would love your opinion on this tutorial. I encourage you to follow along on my Instagram lailascharmingpieces and tag me in your photos of your bunting banners. Seriously it would make my day to see your beautiful banners and unique touches!

What other crochet DIY tutorials would you be interested in?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

7 Sneaky facts about me!

I consider myself to be a sneaky person at times. I'm not entirely sure if that's a good thing or not. But here is 7 Sneaky facts about me...

* When I wake up in the morning I prop my pillows and blankets up against Laila (She sleeps in bed with us) so she won't notice I snuck out of bed.

* If there is junk food in the house I am very quite at opening the bag and eating it. Not just cause I don't want Laila eating it but I don't want Chad eating all my good snacks.

* I try to disappear at times when Chad and Laila are occupied so I can go to the bathroom alone or take a shower alone. (I DON'T like sharing my hot water) ha

* When I know we are taking a long car ride I try to sneak my crochet stuff in the car and after a while I pull it out to work on until Chad says "Hey, When did you bring that? Your not aloud to work on that if I can't work on anything."

* I'm very sneaky when it comes to surprises or gifts. I love to go the extra mile and totally blow the socks off the person being surprised.

* When I am working on new projects or have a new idea, I tend to keep it a secret from friends too. I only like to give glimpses of what I am working on. At least until I have need a little inspiration or opinion.

* I'm not sure why but I like to be sneaky about dinner or making meals. Chad is the type I have to ask what he wants because he is kinda picky about dinner so it's harder for me to be sneaky about it. Although when I find a new recipe I am excited to make (That I know he will like) I like it to be a surprise. Is that not the weirdest?

What are you sneaky about?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Opening up, my personal struggles! + Can I pray for you?

Have you ever struggled physically? Or emotionally?

Physically: in relation to your body rather than you mind or emotions.
Emotionally: pertaining to or involving emotion or the emotions.

These last few weeks sense my surgery (You can read more about my surgery here.) have been hard. When you smile at the girl behind the cash register for her help, you can't help but notice her face change as if there were a big question mark there. For me this has been a physical struggle. Before surgery I had all my teeth and didn't have to wonder what others were thinking about me, other than how I style my hair or what I wear. I know through this God is giving me strength and reminding me my walk with Him is far more important than what others think.

As I have been trying to move through this physical struggle an overwhelming emotional struggle has taken place. As a daughter of Christ our first priority should always be Jesus Christ our Lord, next is our husband, daughter, and all the rest. But have you ever struggled to keep those priorities in place?

I find myself trying to rearrange those priorities to fit my own selfish desires and in the end I'm not any happier. Why? Because I find myself becoming frustrated when things don't go my way, I yell at my family and in return that makes them less likely to respond to me in the way I am asking them too. These past few weeks for me have been the toughest trails and as I seek wisdom and prayer I feel more and more tested. They say if your not already going through a trial, there's one around the corner. That's because as followers of Jesus we have many trails and God's purpose is to help us grow and become wiser.

Through these trails I have had so many overwhelming disappointments but God is so gracious and speaks to our hearts in magnificent ways. Last night my pastor shared a few great points but the one below really stuck out to me and ministered to my struggling heart.

* The scene of your greatest disappointment could be the setting of your most powerful miracle.

Remember that through the trails your not alone. God is always with you helping you along the way, He loves us and that's why He sends trails our way to teach us and help us grow.

Here are a few great verses I found that ministered to my struggling heart. 1 Peter 5:10, James 1:12, Romans 12:12, Romans 5:3, Proverbs 3:5-6 and James 1:2-8.

Are you struggling with anything in your own life? How can I pray for you?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Brickyard Buffalo Crochet Tie Back Headband

 I'm so excited to have my Crochet boho headbands with beads and Guinea feathers feature on Brickyard Buffalo. They always have the greatest deals! It's so nice to have a website to search for unique handmade items that are on sale. I love Etsy but sometimes it's a little difficult to find the best deal searching through pages and pages of shops.  Today my crochet tie back headbands along with many other deals are on Brickyard. These deals won't last very long so don't hesitate to shop around and support handmade!

Regularly $24.00 on Brickyard Buffalo $15.00 that's a 37.5% savings!!

This boho inspired tie-back headband is created using soft ivory yarn which is hand crocheted into a beautiful scalloped deign. Guinea feathers and intricate wooden beads that remind us of ancient cave writings are used to add a touch of Indian detail. With long ties in the back, each piece is created with versatility in mind. The scallops measure approximately 16 inches across and each tie(Not including the bead and feather.) measures approximately 14 inches. 

Care Instructions & Fabric: Hand wash with care if necessary. The fine yarn used is made up of 50% Superwash Merino Wool/25% Rayon made from Bamboo/25% Nylon.

Shipping: $2 per headband. Ships within 7-10 days.

Return Policy: All sales are final.

Questions? Email:

Friday, March 21, 2014

A Little Fringe Fashion with Floral Crowns, Bracelets and Rings!

 With summer around the corner I couldn't be more excited about breaking out my lose tee's, shorts, bags and matching shoes, headbands/crowns, bracelets and rings. Lately I have had an obsession for fringe, which has caused me to draw up and create new pieces for my shop, but we'll get to those later. For now I wanted to share a few everyday fringe outfit ideas and tie them in with some pieces I love; including crochet pieces, headbands and rings of course.

If your not as obsessed with this fringe crop tee as I am from Nasty Gals then we can't be friends. I'm only joking we can still be friends but you have to admit this tee looks way to cute and comfortable for any summer day.

Now if your not a fan of the shorts from the first picture maybe you'll adore these acid washed denim cutoff jeans. I love the lite color yet dark shades this pair of shorts give off. My favorite pairs of shorts all have lite fringe and rips.

This pair is definitely being added to my wish list. I love how the bag and boots match. Not to mention all the detailed beading and hello fringe! (Photo courtesy of  Amanda Sanft)

Words can't explain how beautiful this daisy floral crown is. Kayla from Love Sparkle Pretty is extremely talented. "This crown is for the flower child, wild & free."

This is one of my newest pieces to the shop and one of my favorites. This crochet boho charm bracelet/wrap is so easy to add to any outfit and is one of the most comfortable bracelets to wear. 

Last but not least rings. This may be a bit much for some but I love rings and why not go all out. I hope this post helped inspire you for the summer days ahead.

Whats your fringe fashion? 
What pieces did you like most from this post?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fabric Scrap kits & a giveaway on Instagram!

Thursday March 20 is the first day of Spring!!! To help celebrate spring I am teaming up with my sweet friend Claudia for Dulcinas to bring you fabric scrap kits. These kits will include multiple floral & spring fabric scraps, ribbon & yarn scraps and poly-fil, not to mention a few spring templates.These kits will go on sale Thursday for $14.00 (shipping is included) more information will be post Thursday on our Instagrams. Until then you have a chance to win a kit!!! Simply follow @dulcinas and @lailascharmingpieces and tag 3 friends in the comment section(On Instagram). Winner will be announced Thursday. So don't forget to head over to our IG pages and follow along for more details and giveaways. 

To help you get into the Spring and Easter spirit, here are a few pins I found on Pinterest that I thought would be fun and interesting to make. You could also follow along on Pintereset and check out my Fabric Scrap Board & Easter Board. You can also follow along on Claudia's boards for more ideas and inspiration.

                          My Cotton Creations: Fabric Scraps Spring Wreath

                                         Clare's craftroom: fabric carrots

What spring crafts do you create with your fabric scraps?