Friday, January 17, 2014

Hoop art techniques

  Some people may have already discovered this tactic, but I on the other hand am a little slower. My excuse  is I haven't been able to work on a hoop in quite a while. Ready to know what I am talking about?

  My sister in laws baby shower was approaching fast and I was hosting the event in my home. I was to take care of the decor and I wanted to be sure that the decor went with the theme of baby Weston's room sense no one was able to see the nursery. I also wanted the baby shower decor to match his room so they could hang the decor in his room. I worked on one of the two hoops and became frustrated. I had not worked on a hoop in months and was discouraged because everyone around me was very talented at creating beautiful hoops that had straight stitching and no eraser makes. I said eraser makes because I kept drawling on the fabric trying to create perfect lines but all I ended up with was eraser marks and faded fabric from erasing it so much.
  After redoing my first hoop three times had a great idea come to me... What if I wrote on a piece of paper and then transferred it to the fabric? Duhhh, right!?! I could erase the piece of paper as many times as I want without ruining it. Then another idea came to me... Trace the drawling with a SHARPIE to make it easier to see through the fabric! After practicing 12 different ways to write "Weston Jarret Philipp" I was happy with one of them and begun to trace it on the fabric. (I did't take pictures as I went, with the first hoop but I did remember to take pictures with the second. Hence the pictures are different than my story.) Here are a few photo's  :)
Draw a picture and then trace with sharpie.

Then lay your fabric over the drawling and trace onto fabric, carefully!

I cut out my fabric and laid it on my hoop to be stitched.

Continue stitching...

I also traced the balloon and added more cuteness to my hoop.

Have you discovered any techniques while creating hoops?


  1. How cute! Hmm...maybe I will make something like this for Gracie's room!


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