Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Blog Design

  I had been looking to re-due my blog design for quite some time but never had the extra money. I had tried to change a few things and do it myself, but I had no luck. The thing is I am not good with computers. I wish I was able to understand all the codes and how they work. The more I tried to change my blog the more I would mess it up. So I decided to look around at prices and save up. Luckily Black Friday was around the corner and a good friend referred me to Jumping Jax Design. She had great Black Friday prices and I just couldn't pass them up. Becca has been amazing! Seriously! I have changed my mind 100 times and been such a pain, but she continued to be the sweetest and was able to add every detail to my blog that I envisioned. I wanted something simple yet unique.
  Sense my shop is focused on pieces that I crochet I wanted my blog to share my love of crochet hooks and yarn balls. I didn't want my shop, blog, business cards or social media sites to all be different anymore. When you think "Laila's Charming Pieces" I wanted one thing to come to mind, which is what Laila's Charming Pieces is.. Crochet accessories, a little bit of my life with family & friends, and craft projects I like to work on.
  I'm so excited to have my new blog design and business cards. 2014 is the start of a new year, new plans, new goals, and another year filled with God's grace!! Please check out Jumping Jax Design if your looking for a new blog, business cards, or logo design. She is wonderful, sweet and good at what she does!! Thank you Becca, I am so happy and excited! Couldn't ask for more.

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What changes have you made this year?

What changes would you like to make this year?


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