Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mom's Night Out, Dinner + Movie + Plus A Reminder On Difficult Nights.

A little over a week or so ago, my good friend Kayla and I made plans for dinner and a movie. She had been talking about the movie "Moms' night out" for quite some time and I was getting more anxious to want to see it. We left the babes with their dads and headed out for some Red Robin, YUM! Talked most of the time sense it had been over a month or so sense we got together to catch up, packed up our left overs and headed to the theater. Kayla was full but as you can see my growing belly needed more food, popcorn it was! I mean what pregnant woman could pass up a bag of theater popcorn? What person in general could pass up theater popcorn and a movie?

Kayla did help me a little with my popcorn, she couldn't resist the smell. The movie started and within the first 100 words I was nodding my head, thinking to myself... This is my life!
As the movie went on I found myself thinking that more, laughing super hard, and crying my eyes out! This movie is a must see for all moms!! It was so great to get to watch it with my great friend Kayla who I text at least once a week with a crazy story(Same goes for her she's always calling me with the next big mommy experience of the week) or when I am in serious need of a pep talk with lots of encouragement!

Thanks for a great much needed night out Kayla! I miss you dear friend and am so grateful for your friendship. I love how know one gets our crazy crafty addictions like each other. I am in need of another moms' night out though.

P.S : I have to add this in, more for a note to self and a reminder in the future for those hard nights... Last night we decided to try and put Laila in her own bed again with hopes to stick it out and get her sleeping in her bed before the next baby comes. Last night was awful!! I rocked her for an hour when she finally fell asleep I slowly moved her to her bed, only to wake her up. The crying started again and this time I just crawled in my bed to exhausted to fight. After a few trips to her room to calm her down and another hour and a half of her screaming she fell asleep. I struggle with the cry it out method and feel like a mean mom. 
But I know it's best for our family that I stick this out. Please be praying for me!
Luckily tonight was a HUGE blessing from the Lord! Within 5 minutes of rocking her she was out. I laid her in her bed and with hubby also sleeping, I was able to write this post. Thank you Jesus for nights like tonight, you know my heart better than I do and you know what a sweet refreshment this was and is for me! 
(If hubby wasn't sleeping next to me I'd probably be playing one of my all time favorites... Trace Adkins You're gonna miss this!)

Have you had any recent moms' night outs or are in need of one?


  1. So I totally live under a rock because I haven't heard of this movie lol! I'm glad you had a nice time out. Every mom deserves it. A mental break is so important! Tomorrow I'm going to go have lunch with a gal pal of mine without baby and I look forward to a peaceful meal. :D Hope you're week is going swimmingly~

    1. The only reason I heard of this movie was through Air1 and through my friend Kayla. It was amazing you and a girl friend will have to check your local theater or rent it!! I hope you enjoyed lunch with your friend and will keep you in my prayers this weekend. Thanks for being such a consistent following and commenting, I truly enjoy reading and replying to your comments!!

      Kind Regards,
      Tara xoxo


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