Saturday, June 21, 2014

Struggles For A Mama Of A Toddler + Another One On The Way.

Being a mom comes with a lot of ups and downs. Some days are full of ups, while others consist of many downs. I know the good days always out way the bad ones, but lately the bad days have been quite hard to overcome. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with me still in my first trimester or do to the fact I'm letting my 2 year old run the show. Do you ever feel that your kids are running the show around your home? Let me explain...

My daughters only vocabulary lately seems to consist of  snack, your welcome, I love you, outside, NO, your mean mom, go away or not nice. She also refuses to take naps most of the week(I'm lucky if I can rock her to sleep once or twice a week or if by chance we are running errands just maybe she will pass out for 30 mins). I have had such a lack of energy for the fits and I know that has a little to do with the pregnancy and absents of coffee in my system. (I MISS COFFEE! A LOT!!)

Another struggle lately is getting her to eat dinner. She would rather snack all day and night then eat dinner. I know I make the mistake of offering her snacks shortly after she declines dinner and I need to work on eliminating that, but it's so much easier not to fight her after a long day. I have also heard moms tell me it was so easy for them to keep there house clean with only one child and the more children they had the harder it is to keep there house clean. I'm terrified of this!! I can't keep my house clean with one child, how am I possibly going to manage cleaning a house with two?

Laila throwing a fit out at dinner one night.
I think out of everything my biggest struggle is giving myself a break to be refreshed. I'm not sure why but I have this overwhelming guilt when it comes to thinking or planing a little time to myself. I feel like a failure that I can't handle my life all the time. I mean my whole life I wanted to be a wife and mom that stays home, takes care of her family and can do it all. I guess I have this vision of "Super Mom," but am having a hard time measuring up to her. That's probably because she doesn't exist.  Recently I went out for dinner and a movie with a good friend of mine, we watched "Moms night out" (Post will be up soon about our moms night out) It was an amazing movie, I wish instead of Frozen being replayed 100 million times that Moms night out could be playing!

What have been some of your mommy struggles? 


  1. Super Mom doesn't exist and as a new mom I'm having a hard time with this. My husband and I own a brick & mortar store and I feel SO GUILTY when I want to have some time for myself. Like this upcoming weekend, my husband is going out of town all Friday-Sun (a busy time for the store) and I'm worrying about asking for some time off this week before I work all weekend. It'll work out though, because he'll be cool with it.

    I don't know how it is to work with a little one not wanting to eat, but I know you'll figure. You'll figure out what will work for you family. You can do it! :D

    1. I hope your weekend went well or if it's this coming weekend I really hope you get a little time to refresh before. It's so hard to juggle doing it all and having time for yourself and not feeling guilty. What do you sell? That awesome you have your own store, but I'm sure it's stressful.

      She seemed to love last nights nachos, probably because I didn't add any meat ha

    2. It's this upcoming weekend and I'm taking a few hours off almost each day this week for myself. We own a little used video game & Japanese hobby import store ( and working retail on the weekends can be draining. So I am definitely doing what I can to prep myself for it. Tonight I think I'm going to do a face mask. *^-^*


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